Sam Yearsley
Sam Yearsley
Head of Product

Sam is the Head of Product at Spring Studios and was the first hire, helping build the studio from scratch, overseeing the build of the brand and website, identifying and hiring our world-class team, and implementing Spring’s venture building processes.

Before Spring, he held a wide range of roles across the technology space including consulting, investing, and advising startups on their product and go-to-market.

He’s fascinated by how the studio model can unlock entrepreneurship across emerging markets to solve big problems.

When Sam’s not building, he’s either out on the water, up a mountain, or reading a good book.

Matt Davis
Matt Davis
Head of Technology

Matt is a developer, tinkerer, and builder at heart, and the Head of Technology at Spring Studios.

He has over 10 years of software development experience across a range of stacks and project sizes, from freelancing, side projects, and early stage startups through to large scale technology transformations for FTSE 100 companies.

Before Spring, Matt worked in engineering leadership at Truelayer, the Open Banking unicorn, to build high-performing teams and a culture of engineering excellence.

He’s a big believer in companies that value people, mentorship, personal improvement, and bring developers and customers together.

Work aside, he’s an amateur DJ, freestyle mountain biker, Web 3.0 enthusiast, and holder of a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Southamptom.

Bryn Jones
Bryn Jones
Head of Legal

Bryn is Legal Counsel at Hambro Perks providing legal support to its investment and fundraising operations.

Prior to joining Hambro Perks, Bryn was a Senior Associate at Shoosmiths LLP in London and an Associate at Freshfields in Hong Kong. Bryn has extensive experience in corporate transactional law, in multiple jurisdictions.

Bryn graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand with a first-class degree in Law and a BA in Political Science. Bryn is admitted as a solicitor in the UK and as a barrister and solicitor in New Zealand.

Shashank Narayanan
Shashank Narayanan
Founder in Residence

Shashank is a Founder-in-Residence at Spring Studios, responsible for identifying problems, designing solutions, building commercial models, and spinning out the first FinTech venture.

Before Spring, he joined Sarwa, a Mubadala-backed digital wealth manager, as employee #4 and helped build the. operations, customer excellence, and partnerships functions. Shashank studied Banking & International Finance, earning his BSc with honours from Bayes Business School.      

He's an advocate of the Zero-to-One approach to venture building, scaling personalisation and, productivity     techniques.      

Outside of work, you can find him playing a sport, at the beach or at a dog park.

Bryn Jones
Ivan Silic
Head of Finance and HR

Ivan is HR Manager and a Financial Accountant at Hambro Perks, assisting with the day to day accounting functions, producing Management and Board Reports and supporting the preparation of the Statutory and Audited accounts.

Ivan has also worked closely alongside a number of portfolio companies to provide accounting services and financial     advice.      

Ivan holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of KwaZulu Natal. He spent 15 years as a professional model before starting his second career with Hambro Perks.

Mohanad Al-Huqbani
Mohanad Al-Huqbani
Software Engineering Intern

Mohanad is a senior student at King Saud Universirty, and is still studying for his Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering.

Although he's still a student, Mohanad has gained a lot of experience working as an intern for Cloud Solutions inc, a healthcare tech company in which he participated in developing a nCov PCR program particularly in the               front-end department.      

Mohanad is Spring's first ever intern. He's a builder at heart, and a hardworker by nature. His versatility and ability to tackle any task thrown at him even when it's outside his expertise has come to light working for Spring. He excels in teamwork and front-ending, having left his clear mark on how we operate the site.

Whenever He's not in the office trying to solve a problem, you'll most likely find him in the gym, or in a basketball court working on his jumpshot.

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